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    3D Vision in Shoe Manufacturing

    • 3D position detection

      Position Detection

    • 3D soft grasping

      Soft Grasping

    • 3D spraying of shoemaking

      3D Spraying

    • 3D automatic roughing

      Automatic Roughing

    • 3D defects detection

      Defects Detection

    3D Vision Technology Pays Back

    • s03-icon1 Higher Production Speed
    • s03-icon2 More Precise Techniques
    • s03-icon3 Replacing Health Damaging Work
    the application of 3D vision technology

    Broad Application In All Industries

    • 3D high speed sorting

      High Speed Sorting

    • 3D pelletizing and depelletizing

      Automatic Palletizing and Depalletizing

    • package volume measurement

      Package Volume Measurement

    • machine loading and unloading

      Material Loading and Uploading

    • 3D Vision Boot
    • 3D Vision Crawl
    • 3D Vision Failure Detect
    • 3D Vision Glass Inspection

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