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    Intelligent Manufacturing Top Runner

    the exhibition hall of JSM

    JSM Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer specialized in the production of shoe making 易彩app官方下载 and automated manufacturing solutions for footwear factories. Our founder has been engaging in the industry ever since 1985 and employed all his knowledge to guide us to a smarter future.

    Our products range from robot automation Injection molding line, the whole process of intelligent automatic production line, intelligent 3D visual spraying production line, shoe industry automatic drying production line, and other standard and non-standard automation equipment.

    JSM has always been synonymous with quality and the excellence of technologies for footwear 易彩app官方下载, and our long and stable relationships with our clients confirm this. JSM now has established offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar to provide superior service for our clients.

    Future-Oriented R&D Philosophy

    JSM is convinced that continuous research and development of shoemaking technology is the cornerstone for our progressive market exploration.

    For the past decades, JSM machinery has been widely acknowledged as the highest standard of automated show making solutions in China.

    We will, as we have been always doing, go after the market need and empower ourselves to explore more possibilities on automation so that we can provide our clients with even more value.

    2 research personnel discussing in front of a computer showing engineering drawing of a machine layout
    an aerial view of JSM factory

    We Take Pride In "Made In China"

    We humbly pride ourselves in "Made in China" with our conscious and consistent effort.

    Shoe making machinery from JSM factory is never a synonym for low quality. Discover how we employ state-of-the-art 易彩app官方下载 and technology to build your equipment in our factory, and share our pride.

    Take A Factory Tour
    ISO 27001 icon

    Our Mission

    "Supporting Manufacturing Enterprises Along The Process of Automation and UpgradingLead the intelligent manufacturing industry."

    We keep exploring innovation and bring value to our clients under the mission ever since our establishment. We are proud to propel the development of the industry by carrying out technical and service innovation on a daily basis. We attach great importance to the value of our staff and are constantly working on making JSM a value-realizing platform for our staff.

    Core Values Embedded

    • Sincerity

      Be sincere to our clients, suppliers and all our staff.

    • Innovation

      Innovate everything and enhance core competitiveness.

    • Win-Win

      Bring value to our clients and add value to our brand.

    • Service

      Considerate service speak for our innovative technology.

    • Responsibility

      For employees, company, society and all stakeholders.

    • Passion

      Be passionate about our work, our clients and all challenges.