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    JS-803 One Layer Converyor

    • JS 803 One layer conveyor
    • JS 803 One layer conveyor


    Production Line Series JS-803

    Key Features

    • The converyor using inteligent computer controling system can be designed based on your shoe-making process, improving shoe quality and production eficiency;
    • Double-layer design can serparately control the upper and sole temperatures. It consists of two layers: shoe converyor belt and soles conveyor belt that move synchronomously;
    • This conveyor is easy to adjust the required temperature according to the different shoe materials;
    • Equipped with an infrared cement drying and activating oven to increase the cohesiveness;
    • The rapid transfer conveyor and optional maintenance tunnel send the shoes to the sole pressing machine working station in the fastest time before the shoes get cool;
    • Imported infrared lamps with hot air circulation system help to reach the set temperature immediately;
    • Special air exhausting device can discharge the moisture and waste gas out of the oven without polluting the environment.

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